Tommy Marth, a saxophone player for The Killers commited suicide Monday.

Marth shot himself in Las Vegas Monday ... he was 33.  (Read more)

I hate writing depressing blogs, this is a ROCK station!!  But things in life don't always "rock".  Something like this is always tragic, particularly when it's someone like Marth. Young, talented, succesful.  Living the "rock star dream" so many of us would do anything to have.

Things aren't always what they seem though.  Why is the first question in a case like this and it is usually never answered.  The answer typically leads to more whys. (Why did he do it? He was in debt.  Why didn't he get a loan? He didn't qualify. Why didn't he ask me?)  The "whys" never end and neither does the pain.  

I've had a few people near me commit suicide.  An uncle when I was about 6, a friend when I was in my early teens and a dear friends Dad as an adult.  It's not easy to deal with.  I've known people who have suffered long illness before they died and was almost thankful it was over for them when they passed.  I've lost people in the blink of an eye in car and motorcycle accidents.

I've been there as friends buried their babys.

Suicide is the worst though.  Because there is no easy answer and everyone involved has to live the rest of their lives with that damned 'why' in the back of their minds.

Don't do that to those you love. If you feel like you need to end it all, get help!  It's out there; call a friend or family member. The family Priest, a teacher, a doctor; reach out to anyone you can. ANY thing can be handled with the love and support of your friends, family and God.  There are people who won't bail on you; don't bail on them!

Some of that help can be found with these people: 

Look for help on line or call 1-800-784-2433

Locally, the El Paso Community Menta l Health Center can be reached at (915) 779-1800

Or you can try any of these numbers.

Remember, things aren't always as they seem.  Know your loved ones, be sensitive to the things they do and say.  Especially teens and tweens. The world can be tough and threatening and, at those ages, they don't always hold up well.

If you know someone who's having problems, I repeat what I said above:   

Don't bail on them!!

Help them, get others involved, do whatever you have to!!  Even if it upsets them ... It's better to risk someone being alive and mad at you then losing them forever.

Anger fades away.  If it doesn't, at least you know you did the right thing.  You can live with anger but, trust me, living with that f***ing 'why' is a bitch.