Can you imagine living in fear of your OWN home? This family in El Paso had their home overtaken by killer bees!

The CBS News staff even said it was just like a scene from a horror movie! Homeowner, Elvira Murphy said that these bees are extremely protective of their honey. It's so bad that they've even had to put warning signs and block off the harmful area. Even the neighbors also worry that the bees will attack the kids that walk home from school that pass the area. A specialist that Murphy hired analyzed the bees and stated why the bees were so hostile. The bees that have overtaken Elvira's home were a mix of Africanize and European. The specialist estimated that there are almost 1 million bees living on the roof and in the walls. The City of El Paso told Elvira Murphy that it's her problem to fix. This kind of problem can really do some damage to your wallet too!
Give your two cents down below on whether the City of El Paso should help solve this situation!

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