Pixar's Finding Dory has been dominating the box office! The sequel to Finding Nemo tells the story of the beloved blue fish voiced by Ellen DeGeneres finding herself or something like that. None of this matters, because Seth Rogan's new animated movie, Sausage Party probably traumatized some kids when the trailer accidentally played before a screening of the fish movie in Los Angeles.

Animation should be used for more adult movies. I may be bullied for still watching cartoons, but these cartoons usually have references for people my age or are straight up violent, gore and questionable. Thanks, Adult Swim.

Rogan and friends are taking advantage of adults loving animation by being a part of the first R-rated CG animated movie! Unfortunately, some adults don't understand what a "sausage party" is a term for and decided to input the trailer for the seriously vulgar movie before a screening of Finding Dory.

Kids are eventually going to learn that the world is so much funnier when you understand dirty jokes. They may not want to eat after seeing food come to life and screaming in agony from being eaten alive, but it will help them learn the difference between reality and movie magic.

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