When a musician sells a record, that's an accomplishment. But when an artist sells a MILLION records, that's a HUGE accomplishment. That's what it takes to get a platinum record in the music industry. And we have seen some very talented local musicians win a platinum record represent El Paso, Texas.

Who was the first El Paso platinum record winner

Getty Images for Live Nation
Getty Images for Live Nation

Without a doubt, Khalid is the biggest name representing El Paso since in the music world today. And he was the first local artist to ever score a platinum record with his 2017 debut album American Teen. The album has been certified not once, not twice, but 4 TIMES PLATINUM. Some of his singles: "Talk", "Better", & "Young Dumb & Broke" have been certified even more (5,6 & 9 times respectively)

Bonus note: American Teen was recorded at Beacon Hills Recording Studio in El Paso; Robert Macias & Orlando Gomez ALSO scored a platinum record for their help with recording Khalid's album.

Not only was Khalid the first El Paso artist to score a platinum record, he was the first local artist to ever score a platinum record...AGAIN. His 2019 record, Free Spirit, has been certified 2x Platinum.

There is another El Paso with a platinum record to their name

If the name, Cigarettes After Sex, sounds familiar, they should. They have a HUGE following on social media (and they've gotten a huge boost of love from a certain Breaking Bad star). They recently scored their very first platinum record; not with an album, but their single "Apocalypse".

The song was certified Gold on May 19th, but a day later...they posted the official announcement that it went platinum.

This is a great sign for El Paso muscians; since 2017 we've seen at least 2 local artists score platinum records. I can easily see more become platinum winners in the future.

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