American singer and songwriter Khalid was in El Paso today donated his time for a good cause! He stopped by Crockett Elementary earlier to not only give his time but also donate presents to every student that attends Crockett.

The Official El Paso Independent School District posted up a picture of Khalid himself gifting a young little girl her gift. You will notice in the picture that Khalid has the biggest smile on his face. He's truly one generous and humble man that enjoys giving back to his old stomping grounds. It's satisfying to know that Khalid is up for 5 Grammy nominations and still shows love for his city. It's always awesome to read about a celebrity going back to their hometown to do a good cause. Now El Paso can finally be a part of those stories because of Khalid.

He definitely makes El Paso proud with all his hard work and making a difference in a place he once lived!

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