I think this has been a seriously under-reported aspect of illegal immigration debate: illegals coming into our country and trying to take our Kardashians. Surely by now you’ve heard about the caravans of illegals coming down from Canada, entering the country illegally and helping themselves to one of our greatest resources: Kardashian/Jenner sisters. Keep in mind, dating and marrying Kardashians have traditionally been jobs done by Americans. Soon our native N.B.A stars will be forced out of the Kardashian market and will have to start dating NON-famous sports groupies. Of course, this wouldn’t be happening if democrats hadn’t blocked President Trump from building his wall. What’s that you say? Trump wanted a wall on the MEXICAN border? Well, if he hadn’t been stymied by liberal America-haters, he could’ve had the Mexican wall finished and started on phase two: The Canadian Wall that Canada will definitely pay for.

Oh. Wait. The stalker dude was a Visa overstay not an illegal crosser? Hmmm. Well…shut up! MAGA!

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