Superbowl Sunday is finally here and the El Paso Fire Department wants to make sure everyone enjoys the game, and cooking, safely.

Today is what the American Dream is all about. Getting together with friends and family to grill, barbecue and enjoy watching America's favorite sport- football. While everyone is out there preparing their food, some food which people already started at dawn (talking to you slow cookers!), the El paso Fire Department wants people to cook safely.

Here are some helpful tips to make sure your food is not only delicious, but cooked safely:

  • Keep kids 3 feet or more away from grills, stove, etc. when cooking
  • Never leave food that is cooking on a grill or stove unattended
  • Make sure your clothes aren't too loose or baggy so that they won't get caught on anything. Also make sure your pot handles are turned inward while cooking
  • Make sure that all combustible items like oven mitts, potholders, towels, etc are not left on the stove
  • Have a fire extinguisher handy in case of an emergency
  • Avoid overloading electrical outlets inside the home and make sure electric appliances aren't used near water
  • Keep on a fan and make sure the kitchen is well ventilated so there won't be a buildup of carbon monoxide in the home from the plains being used
  • Use charcoal lighter fluid for grills, not gasoline
  • Use caution when using outdoor grills so you won't get burned or inhale smoke
  • Once the fire has started, DO NOT reapply the lighter fluid. Vapors can be ignited by the flames and cause an explosion
  • Use outdoor grills outdoors, not inside homes, campers or in a non-ventilated area

For more information on how to have a safe Superbowl Sunday, please visit the El Paso Fire Department website or watch the video above.

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