Here in El Paso, the numbers for COVID-19 keep going up. South of the border in Juarez, it's pretty much the same. But now their mayor, Armando Cabada, has tested positive for COVID-19, AGAIN. Yes, this it the second time Cabada has tested positive. He made the announcement on Facebook, saying (with an English translation from Facebook):

Hello good afternoon to tod@s, as I have been reporting these past few days, the rates of contagion and contagion of coronavirus in our city are really disturbing. I must tell you that I came out positive again in my most recent exam and not only me but also my daughter Regina and my wife Alejandra she as alleged positive. All three of us have symptoms of a strong cold, I clarify this, because unfortunately we have very loved and close people, who are currently hospitalized; surely many of you will be living in a similar situation.
I ask you again to take care of the basic recommendations to avoid infecting and being infected, as are the use of mouth covers, healthy distance and wash our hands frequently.
I inform you that I will be working from home until the doctors authorize me to return to my normal activities.
I ask our Father God to help us all and to pass soon this terrible nightmare that slams the whole world, thank you for your attention to this message.
It was back in May that the mayor had his first bout with COVID. And now, here in October, he's battling it again. And the numbers down in Juarez keep going up as well. There have been 9,732 confirmed cases in Juarez, but it's believed that that number is majorly under what the actual number of cases is because of Mexico's lack of testing.

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