Do you remember spending an entire day in Juarez with your family? I have grown up paying many visits to Juarez since I was a little girl. I would go with my family to visit other relatives and making it an all-day thing. I also remember how my grandparents would get their vision taken care of for cheap too. But come to think of it having Mexico right next door is a plus! Because when you don’t have insurance, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg as it does here in the United States. I enjoy getting my contacts and glasses over in Mexico because they always have them ready for you to take home that same day. I also know a lot of people who cross over to have dental procedures done. Not only that, someone I met a long time ago had gone for plastic surgery and made her situation worse. I would hope no one else would resort to Juarez for any kind of surgery. The residents of J-Town come over to do their shopping and we go there for the better deal on necessities. If you would go to Juarez for one of the essential needs below, place your vote!



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