Jonathan Davis is bringing his solo tour to this year's El Paso Street Festival. Many people are wondering what can we expect from the JD solo tour and we have answers! Many bands after a few years have members that want to continue with the group, but also expand beyond the group and discover a new sound. That's exactly what Jonathan Davis is doing with his new solo tour. The singer recently released his first solo album, Black Labyrinth, and has currently been touring in support of that record. He's now announced a second leg of the tour and is embracing his new role as a solo star. Heading out on a solo tour versus a giant band tour like a Korn run are vastly different. In an interview with Louder Sound, Davis says that the entire vibe is more relaxed, with one bus and one small crew that do everything. That more relaxed vibe also shows onstage, giving Davis more freedom when it comes to his performance. When a fan heads out to a Korn show, you know you're in for a big performance, with lights and pyro and whatever else the band has cooked up for you. With Jonathan Davis' solo show, he says it has a darker, vampire-esque vibe with red lights and shadows all over.

Jonathan Davis is clearly enjoying himself creating his solo artist persona and sound, which is different than JD in Korn. Black Labyrinth has received positive responses from Korn fans, but there are those out there who don't understand why Davis isn't bringing the metal-rock glory he's known for in Korn. It was time for something different, and not the same thing he's bringing with his band. He wants to leave the harder sounds for Korn, and discover his new sound through his solo project. So many want to know, where did the new sound come from? And what inspired Davis with the new album? Turns out, it's from a movie many Korn fans know and love, that featured the singer,

“That came from when I did [2002 film] Queen Of The Damned. They wanted different kinds of world music elements in it, because it takes place over different parts of the world, so that’s when I started scoring, and opened my mind to this huge palate of different instruments I’ve never fucked with. I got a bunch of sample libraries and made this stuff, and then I had just basic ideas laid down on the demos. Once we came in to record the record, I wanted it to be as organic as possible, so I had all these great musicians come in and play it live."

You can check out the entire interview with Jonathan Davis on the Lounder Sound website. Davis goes in deeper about some of the unique instruments featured on his new album, the current music he's listening to and if we'll ever see him dip into the trap metal music scene.

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