John 5 will be performing tonight at Lowbrow Palace. John 5 is a guitarist known for his work with tons of different artists. From Rob Zombie to Salt-N-Pepa, John 5 has worked and performed with some of the biggest names in music.

I was able to chat with this guitar god to pick his brain, and also learn more about his show coming to Lowbrow Palace tonight.

When asked what a John 5 and the Creatures show is like, John said it is a Alice Cooper-like performance.

It's a show. I'm trying to entertain folks with just a guitar. It's like an instrumental Alice Cooper show. There's a show that goes along with it, so there's monsters that come out, there's all different types of music, there's all different cool things that are going to happen. It's a really cool show.

On his new greatest hit album, John 5 did a cover of Guns N Roses "Welcome to the Jungle." When I asked why he decided to choose this song, he told me this is song that made him want to make music his career.

Welcome to the Jungle made me really want to go after my dream. It was that song because the lyrics were like 'okay, you're going to go do this, it's going to be tough. You're probably not going to make it type of thing. That song really had a big influence on me.

John 5 will be performing tonight at the Lowbrow Palace, 111 East Robinson Street.

Tickets are $15 online, $17 at the door tonight and you can purchase them through Ticketfly.