Jimmy Fallon started his reign as The Tonight Show host last night. As everyone expected, tons of surprise guests popped out throughout the show and Fallon was hilarious. Did you stay up to see the show? If not, we got the funniest part of his debut show for you!

Many celebrities stopped by the show last night such as Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga and my favorite, Stephen Colbert. One of the first guests to sit down and chat with Fallon was Will Smith. Everyone loves Smith and Fallon, so it couldn't get any better.

Oh wait, it did! These two hilarious and graceful men busted out their sweet dance moves to take us through the evolution of Hip-Hop dancing. These guys pulled out some of the classics like "The Running Man", "Stanky Leg" and "The Carlton". Sadly, Smith's greatest co-star, Alfonso Ribeiro didn't join in on the awesomeness!

Watch Fallon and Smith take you through this magical evolution as they rock some sweet overalls and colorful shirts. Do you think The Tonight Show is in good hands?

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