Tom Green has had quite the entertainment career. From his early years in a rap group, to his own show on MTV, to movies, and more. One thing he probably wishes didn't happen in his career was this moment with Jesse James Dupree from Jackyl. you can find the full footage of the incident at this link HERE. Or you can fast forward to two minute and fifty four seconds of the clip below (courtesy of 807 Entertainment) for the aftermath, and more of the Tom Green show. (A later version of the Tom Green show, not the original one on MTV.

Now, in case you don't remember, here is an episode of The Tom Green Show to remind you the kind of show he did, courtesy of Time Vault.

I'm sorry, but if you've done the things that Tom Green has done, you don't really have the right to complain when Jesse James Dupree comes out and uses his chainsaw on your desk.


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