Are you ready for some fantasy football? Jerry Cantrell is best known as the scorching guitarist of Alice in Chains, but some fans also know him for one of his favorite hobbies: fanstasy football. For three years now, Cantrell has run the AIC & Friends Fantasy Football Charity League, which features fellow musicians, athletes and friends playing against each other to raise money for charity. 

Now in it’s third year, this version of his fantasy league features all four members of Alice in Chains, plus Duff McKagan, Hellyeah‘s Vinnie Paul, Queensryche‘s Chris DeGarmo, Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Randy Wolf and others. Each member has picked a charity to play for and has donated one personal item for auction, with the profits from all the sales to go to the charity chosen by the league winner.

And right now, that winner very well could be Cantrell. With a record of 8-4, his team Aroma of Tacoma sits pretty in first place — although the way he sees it, anybody could be winning. “Fantasy football is about 75% luck, I think,” he said Tuesday during an online chat with fans. “There are certain things you can do, with match-ups and things like that, you can put yourself in a position not to lose. It’s all about who performs and who doesn’t.”

Paul’s team, the Brickwall Paul, meanwhile, is 6-6 and still playing to get into the playoffs. “My fantasy football team has fallen to .500,” he said during his own online chat. “I still have a chance to get to the playoffs. My top guns have gotten hurt: [Houston Texans QB] Matt Schaub. [Oakland Raiders RB Darren] McFadden was my top guy for a while but he’s been out. I hope to hang in there and make it to the playoffs.”

Cantrell concludes: “One week to go in the [fantasy] season and then the playoffs start. This is when it gets ugly. We’ll see what happens. Thanks to everybody for paying attention. Hopefully we’ll raise some decent money for the charities we’re working with. Then I’ll look forward to doing it again next year.”

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