Looks like it was a weekend for some to remember. Another Jeep Weekend has come and gone, and from the looks of it, this year law enforcement officials in the Bolivar Peninsula in Texas had their hands busy.

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Jeep Weekend is a weekend where Jeep owners gather together to celebrate the warmer weather by taking off their Jeep tops; but if you're like me, you probably thought it meant something else!

This was the 16th annual Jeep weekend, and I'm assuming only those with Jeeps know about it because I didn't know this existed until a few years ago. Well, this year was just as big as the years before, in which there was complete and utter chaos! It had been reported earlier that deputies were going to be doubling resources in anticipation of the weekend, but it looks like that was not enough.

According to many news outlets, this year's Jeep Weekend at Crystal Beach in Texas resulted in over 200 arrests, most for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. They also report that there were over 50 hospitalizations and three people being shot. News outlets report that it took over 130 officers to police the crowd.

Not to mention, there was a complete mess left behind!


jeep weekend Crystal Beach
by u/bobadobbin in houston

Whatever happened to "Don't Mess with Texas"?

It was like this for MILES. So sad.

Many in the comments mentioned that every year it gets worse and worse; and now that I remember, I think the only reason I know about Go Topless weekend is because we mentioned how bad it got!

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