The "Snyder Cut" of "The Justice League" is officially out! While I haven't seen it, other people I know have seen it and I'm getting some mixed reviews.

Some have told me it's too long (it maxes out at 4 hours and 2 minutes!). Buzz wasn't impressed and Lisa loved it. With my work schedule, though, and the movie being four hours long, I know that the minute I start it, I'll fall asleep- so I'll wait until the weekend to watch it.

One person who has seen it is Aquaman himself Jason Momoa. Momoa actually got to see the film back in 2019, back when we all found out that there was a completely different version of "The Justice League" than the we saw in theaters.

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Momoa, of course loved it! Back in 2019 he shared a moment where he gifted Zack Snyder a camera as a token of appreciation. As touching as the moment was, I'm sure, I was more focused on Momoa's shirt- it's an El Paso Strong shirt created by our good friends Viva La Mocha!

Momoa received the shirt as a gift from UTEP graduate Chantal Diaz in August of 2019 when she got a meet and greet with him (LUCKY!) at the Albuquerque Comic Expo.

According to Diaz, she bought the shirt for Momoa shortly after the Mochas created the shirt in support after the August 3rd shooting. Diaz says that when she originally gave him the shirt he didn't wear it; as she waited for her pictures to print, Momoa called her back and took another picture with her with the shirt on. You can check out the picture here.

I'm glad to see that Momoa continued to wear the shirt even after the Comic Expo.

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