New year, new you—right? That is usually the phrase most people will be saying once the new year kicks off and they begin tackling their New Year’s resolutions!

But let's face it: not all resolutions are created equal, and the struggle is real when it comes to turning those good intentions into realities.

I asked El Pasoans to tell us their New Year’s Resolutions in five words or less and while most agreed that fitness and health was on the top of their list, others wanted to just live in the moment more this coming year.

I came across an article online recently that laid out a list of the top resolutions most people have for the new year.

Forbes Health/OnePoll delved deep into the minds of 1,000 U.S. adults to spill the tea on their resolution and I was not surprised to see that Fitness took the first place slot when it came to New Year’s Resolutions.

Back in 2023, Mental Health was the number one spot, and while some are breaking a sweat in the gym, others are daydreaming about jet-setting around the globe (6%), finding Zen through meditation (5%), kicking the booze to the curb (3%), or dominating the office game (3%). 


Top 5 Resolutions For Adults in 2024:

  1. **Improved Fitness (48%)
  2. **Improved Finances (38%)
  3. **Improved Mental Health (36%)
  4. **Lose Weight (34%)
  5. **Improved Diet (32%)


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