In the words of rapper Ice Cube, “I can’t believe, today was a good day” and for one El Paso shelter dog that goes by the name “Ice Cube” it’s not just a good day, it’s a good year!

Back in December, El Paso Animal Services posted about 3-year-old Ice Cube. The post was shared in hopes of helping Ice Cube find his fur-ever home after being in the shelter for over 300 days.

This adorable, goofy boy is Ice Cube. He is really, really struggling in the shelter, and he’s declining rapidly. He needs to go home as soon as possible.”


The post went on to describe Ice Cube as an extremely sweet and well-mannered good boy. According to El Paso Animal Services trainer and Enrichment Specialist Mason Castillo, Ice Cube was starting to chew on his own paws and was getting a bit "kennel crazy."

Animal Services was hoping someone in the community would see the post and provide Ice Cube with a home for the coming year and their wish came true!

An update to the original post was shared and the caption read: 

“Ice Cube Was Adopted today. Thank you for helping us send the Cube man home!


Courtesy: El Paso Animal Services/ IL
Courtesy: El Paso Animal Services/ IL

Living the kennel life for that long is no walk in the dog park, and while some pups handle it like seasoned pros, others struggle under the kennel pressure so hearing this good news was something that brought a smile to my face.

No details were provided in regards to who adopted Ice Cube, but Animal Services was happy that they were able to find a loving home for Ice Cube and they encourage people to continue spreading the love and adopting a shelter pet.

We have several other longstays in need of homes like TJ Maxx, Dallas and Antonio, and Flip. Check out to see all available pets.”


El Paso Animal Services

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