If you’ve lived in El Paso, or any surrounding city for that matter, then you have become familiar with the “Edgar” haircut trend.

Some people will mock the hairstyle and others genuinely enjoy the haircut! Well, one San Antonio food truck park is NOT a fan of the haircut. So much so that they are “banning” people with “Edgar” haircuts from their establishment. Well, kind of.

Social Media Controversy

El Camino, a San Antonio food truck park, is now facing some backlash after the venue posted a meme that featured a crossed-out red circle over an image of a boy with the "Edgarhaircut, a style commonly associated with Latino subcultures. 

The venue may have posted that meme to be “funny” but its message is now sparking a debate online, with many criticizing it as discriminatory.

One person commented on the post saying: 

That’s discrimination. You better off placing an age limit or some metal detectors.”

And another comment read: 

“The irony that you call your establishment "El Caminonamed after the car popularized by Chicano and "Cholo" culture, people who were associated with being criminals and gangsters. @elcaminosa @halfpricerickyp do better.”


“Not Like Us” Mural

One San Antonio artist didn’t think that meme was funny and he decided to use his talents to express his thoughts on the meme. 

Colton Valentine unveiled a striking new mural that features a young male sporting the distinct "Edgarhaircut juxtaposed against a black-and-gray portrait of an indigenous person.

The mural took Valentine eight hours and it’s located in San Antonio, TX on 802 San Pedro Avenue.

The words "They Not Like Us” can be read across both faces, sparking dialogue about cultural identity and acceptance.

Valentine shared his creation on Instagram, accompanied by Kendrick Lamar's diss track "Not Like Us,famously directed at his hip-hop rival Drake. 

In his caption, Valentine questioned the judgmental attitudes towards hairstyles: “Ya'll think it's ok to judge folks by their haircut? Asking for a friend. lemme know what y'all think!"

Valentine's artwork serves as both a response to this controversy and a broader commentary on cultural acceptance. 

By highlighting the "Edgarhaircut, Valentine challenges viewers to reconsider their biases and embrace diversity. 

His mural is not just an artistic statement but a powerful call for inclusivity and respect for all cultural expressions.

El Camino Responds To The Mural:

The venue saw the response from Valentine and decided to not only comment on his Instagram post with this comment:

"The haircut is a mushroom cut/mop top. An Edgar is what you see on the news almost every day for stealing car parts and committing violent crimes. The indigenous weren’t stealing kias and catalytic converters."

The venue also shared a response on its business’ Instagram page with a photo of Actor Jim Carey’s “Dumb & Dumber” character and a caption that read: “New mural coming soon."

What are your thoughts on this haircut trend?

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