An El Paso, TX barber has officially finished recovering from a tragic accident that put him in a coma and for a limited time, he is offering free haircuts to the community!

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Sir David

in 2019, local barber Sir David, was hit by a drunk driver as he was riding home on his motorcycle from work. He survived but only barely. Sir David was left with 5 broken ribs, a punctured lung, the loss of his left leg, and he was in a coma.

After Sir David finally woke, months later, he would still be forced to recover for almost 2 years before being able to work regularly. Now that he is back on his feet and feeling good, this barber is doing something pretty unbelievable for the community and to help him get word about his business back out there.

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SIRtified Gents

Sir David runs SIRtified Gents and as a way to get things back up and running in the right direction, David is offering a really incredible deal for a limited amount of people.


Thats right, as per the post, the first people to respond to Sir David through his page on instagram or his webside, could get a free haircut from a pretty incredible barber. The videos and photos of Davids work speak for themselves.

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