El Pasoans are preparing themselves for the highly anticipated 2024 solar eclipse! As they should because a spectacle like this won't happen in the U.S. for another two decades. *Gasps in Spanish*

The 2024 Solar Eclipse will take place on Monday, April 8th and large portions of North America will be able to witness a breathtaking phenomenon but if you plan on joining in on this historic event, make sure you have the proper glasses to view the solar eclipse.

Getty Images
Getty Images

To safely witness this pretty awesome event on April 8th, solar eclipse glasses are an absolute necessity to protect your eyes from potentially irreversible damage. 

Since some states won't be in the path of full totality, it's crucial to wear these glasses continuously throughout the eclipse for safe viewing. Remember, it's only during 100% totality that it's safe to view the eclipse without protective eyewear.

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As the solar eclipse day gets closer and closer many people are going to be heading out to local places to find glasses of their own but you’re encouraged to make sure that these solar eclipse glasses are authentic!

Here's what you need to know about finding the correct eyewear required to fully appreciate the eclipse next week: 

According to Space.com, ISO-approved solar eclipse glasses must meet the following safety requirements:

  • No more than 0.00032 percent of the sun's light may be transmitted through the filters.
  • The filters must be free of any defects, such as scratches, bubbles, and dents.
  • Handheld viewers must be large enough to cover both eyes.
  • Labels on the viewers (or packaging) must include the name of the manufacturer, instructions for safe use, and warnings of the dangers of improper use.
Masashi Hara/David McNew, Getty Images
Masashi Hara/David McNew, Getty Images

We asked El Pasoans for suggestions on finding solar eclipse glasses. Here are a few places where some locals have been able to get their glasses:

  • Circle K
  • Speedy’s
  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Five Below
  • Sonic (with the purchase of their “Blackout Slush")

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