I had a co-worker that drank one of these every single morning for the entire time we worked together, and now they are impossible to get at your local Texas Dunkin' shop. You almost have to be a bit surprised this specialty coffee made it through the name change in 2018 that dropped donuts, and became simply Dunkin'.

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I have never once had a coffee from Dunkin', but have enjoyed the occasional croissant breakfast sandwich, bag of munchkins, and of course plenty of Boston cream pies.

If you only go to Dunkin' for the food items, you are in the minority because 60% of sales are for the coffee. It is probably a safe guess that a large amount of the 40% in food sales is because the coffee drinkers decided to get donuts too.

What was the famous Dunkin' drink that was discontinued in 2023?

The Dunkaccino was phased out across 2023, and now officially gone from the Dunkin' menu forever, but fear not, there is a work around still available at you local Dunkeez (as the New Englanders say it). If you order a plain hot chocolate and add a turbo shot, apparently you accomplish the same goal, and it tastes just about the same.

If you want to enjoy the now dearly departed Dunkaccino at home, you probably will get pretty close with a packet of Swiss Miss dumped into a cup of breakfast blend coffee. Just don't make it with Starbucks because that would probably be considered poor taste.

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