If you are planning a champagne toast for the stroke of midnight as New Year's Eve changes to Happy New Year, you are definitely going to need to plan ahead if you live in Texas. All of the Lone Star State's liquor stores will be closed for 61 consecutive hours beginning Saturday night at 9 PM, and will not be allowed to reopen until 10 AM on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024.

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If you are thinking did this not just happen last weekend for Christmas, you are 100 % correct, and it is actually happening for the 2nd consecutive year because Texas liquor laws made all stores observe both Christmas and New Year's on Monday due to the holidays both falling on the regularly scheduled closing day of Sunday a year ago. The difference between last year and this year is liquor stores will not be open on New Year's Eve, so a last minute booze run is off the table for the holiday.

Why are Texas liquor stores going to be closed for 61 straight hours this weekend?

How do you get liquor on Sunday in Texas?

Liquor store sales have been illegal on Sundays, often referred to as a Blue Law, for the state since 1935 as monitored by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. You can purchase alcohol from a bar on Sundays beginning at 10 AM at a festival, concert venue, or sporting event.

If you are not at a special event, then you may purchase alcohol from a bar on Sundays at 10 AM only if you also order food. If you wait until after noon, then you can purchase liquor from the bar without food.

Those two hours must really go a long way towards upping food sales.

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