​There is not much you can say about the state of Texas that’s negative. Texas is probably one of the most beautiful states in the country, with a low cost of living, beautiful cultures, and let’s not forget some of the best barbecues you would ever have in your life comes from Texas.

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That’s not negotiable. Even though Texas does have lower cost-of-living there are some areas in the great state where people do still find themselves struggling to live. Recently, we’ve noticed that people all over the United States have found Texas to be their forever home because of how cheap it is to live here and again the culture is captivating to a lot of individuals to the point where you wanna stay forever. However, according to Road Snack, there is a city in Texas in the state that may not seem so attractive.



A population of 8039 with a rate of 44.7%, $19,238 in median income, including 3590 people in poverty  Prairie View Texas is known as a city i. When I noticed that it was the poorest city in Texas it did come as a shock to me because one of the most prestigious HBCU colleges resigned in Prairieview, Texas, Prairieview A&M. Even the unemployment rate does surprise me being at 20%. If you’re looking for land or even considering moving to Texas, remember that the cost of living in Prairie View is 96 which is 1.0 laws lower than the national average.


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