Serj Tankian has released his new memoir, "Down With the System," and Loudwire Nights wants to make sure you have an autographed copy.

The System of a Down singer has always been one of their more thought-provoking and engaging personalities in the rock world and with "Down With the System," he shares not only insights into the band's rise to fame, but lays out where his activist roots come from and why he's remained so devoted to causes surrounding his onetime homeland of Armenia. It's an interesting read that leaves you with a better sense of who Tankian is as a person, as a musician, as an artist and as an activist.

For this contest, the grand prize winner will receive a hardback copy of Tankian's new memoir that includes a bookplate with Tankian's autograph. Two other runners-up will also receive the book, but without the autograph bookplate.

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If you're interested in winning a copy of Serj Tankian's "Down With the System" memoir, simply provide your contact details in the entry box below. You'll need to do so before Friday, July 5 at 10AM ET in order to be eligible to win. If you're name is drawn for one of the prized books, we'll reach out to you about getting Tankian's memoir.

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