Several days after Sleep Token fans dealt with a presale code fiasco, people are now upset at how the band has chosen to deal with ticket scalpers and bots.

While many musicians speak out against ticket scalpers and ticket bots, not many have taken measures as seriously as Sleep Token are. In a post on their Instagram over the weekend, the band explained how they are dealing with unfair ticketing practices.

"Tickets for the Teeth of God North American tour have been swiftly depleted, save for a limited remaining allocation in Montreal," they wrote. "In the meantime, so-called 'bot/scalper' purchases are being identified and cancelled, before being redistributed for genuine followers to procure. Please remain aware, should you wish to attend."

Many Sleep Token fans have expressed their support for this method online, but there are also many who are upset over it, mainly because they purchased tickets from scalpers themselves.

Ticket resale vendors such as StubHub and Vivid Seats have become increasingly popular over the last decade or so as scalpers and bots grew more prevalent. As a result, these sites tend to be fans' go-to locations to buy tickets when in-demand tours sell out.

Why Sleep Token Fans Are Upset

As pointed out by an individual on X, resale tickets for Sleep Token's May 28 show in Toronto are going for over C$15,000 (Canadian dollars) for general admission, equivalent to around $11,000 USD

Another screenshot of a resale site on X indicates that fans who purchase resale tickets for the tour will need to "be accompanied by the original buyer of the tickets."

"What if we got fucked over and purchased tickets from a scalper so we can attend your show? I'm gonna be real pissed that I didn't get my code, shelled out hundreds of dollars for tickets so I can see you just for those tickets to become canceled," a fan commented on Sleep Token's Instagram post.

The code the individual brought up in the comment is referring to last week's fan presale for Sleep Token's The Teeth of God tour.

People were able to register for a unique presale code to purchase tickets ahead of the general sale, but AEG Presents failed to deliver many of the codes on time, and many didn't receive theirs until after the presale was already over.

The company issued an apology on Friday, Jan. 26 after people shared their frustrations over the situation online, but it appears as if a lot of fans had to resort to buying tickets from resale vendors.

"Here's an idea? Cancel and refund everyone. Put proper procedures in place and then redo the entire sale. We had a code for the first presale that we didn't get until 24 hours after the sale began. How are you going to fix that for us?" someone else commented on the band's Instagram post.

Some People Are Blaming the Fans

The discussion has been taken a bit further on Reddit, where one fan wrote a post titled, "So does this mean everybody who brought tickets from scalpers is just screwed?"

"Right now, yes," one of the replies reads. "People were warned multiple times about the tickets not being transferable except in certain circumstances. Unfortunately, I've had my head bitten off telling people to get their money back too many times it's getting hard to feel sympathy... People were told to wait for the face value exchange. and because people didn't, they want to blame everyone but themselves."

"Folks buying from scalpers are just as culpable as the scalpers. If you didn’t buy from them there’d be no market. Disregard the band’s instructions and risk your money. The definition of F around and find out," someone else wrote.

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Fans Supporting Sleep Token's Decision

On the other end of the spectrum, fans are praising the band for their willingness to try and combat an issue that's been plaguing concertgoers for years.

"Sleep Token is canceling tickets bought by scalpers and bots, another thing to add to the ever growing list of ‘reasons why I love Sleep Token’," someone wrote on X.

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