Ranking every Slipknot song from worst to best is almost an impossible task, almost.

No matter which way you slice it, this list is bound to piss off Maggots left and right, but so be it. Throughout two decades, Slipknot have compiled a discography that has firmly cemented them as not just one of the greatest metal bands of all time, but as one of the greatest bands ever—regardless of genre.

Slipknot are not defined by just one or two songs, but rather their entire discography. With all that being said, here we go:

Entries by: Graham Hartmann, Stevie James, Rae Lemeshow-Barooshian, Taylor Markarian, Jake Richardson, Philip Trapp, Lauryn Schaffner, Joe DiVita and Ayron Rutan.

Every Slipknot Song Ranked

Push your fingers into your eyes.

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All 18 Musicians Who've Been in Slipknot

Here's every musician who's been a member of Slipknot.

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