Dee Snider has a long history of speaking out against censorship.

After all, the iconic Twisted Sister singer was one of three musicians to appear at the 1985 Senate hearing for the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) and the infamous Parental Advisory album sticker. Decades later, he tied his same ideals to his tackling of "cancel culture."

Now, in a chat with Dane Studios from this year's New York Comic Con, the singer built on a notion he's toyed with before, saying "ultraliberals" are as much to blame for increasing censorship "because it's not so much conservatives now."

What Dee Snider Said

Asked if he could envision a world where the censorship issue is "fixed," Snider responds, "No, because if you really examine censorship way back… I sometimes feel sorry for conservatives because every time they move the line, they'll go, 'OK, you can have this, but no more.'" (via Blabbermouth)

The singer elucidates, "There was a time when, on a sitcom, couples couldn't be in the same bed. Then they allowed them to be in the same bed. And then you get to Friends, and they're openly talking about open relationships and having sex and things like that on an eight-o'clock Thursday night TV show."

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He further illustrates, "You go back 50 years — that was inconceivable. So they keep readjusting — the Puritans, for lack of a better word. And we keep saying, 'Well, we want more. We want more. We want more. We want more.' That's one part of it."

Dee Snider on Censorship + Ultraliberals

Snider says, "The other part of it, and this is the weird part, is that the pendulum has gotten weird because it's not so much conservatives now. We're dealing with ultraliberals who are the hypersensitive and censoring. The whole P.C. [politically correct] thing — You can't say that. You can't say that. You're canceled for that. You're canceled for that. Because I said something that you disagree with? That's as much censorship as this was on the part of conservatives."

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As for his music, Snider earlier this month said he thinks he's done making albums, explaining that he views his last two solo efforts — the Jamey Jasta-produced For the Love of Metal (2018) and Leave a Scar (2021) — as the end of his recording career.

Watch the full interview below.

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Dee Snider Interview With Dane Studios

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