Did you know that the most haunted house in Texas is also widely considered one of the most haunted homes in the United States? And I'm not talking about the fun type of haunted houses that you go to with friends. I'm talking about a real haunted house that seems to freak out everyone who steps inside.

The most haunted house in Texas is located in Mineral Wells. The Haunted Hill House was reportedly built before the Civil War, the home has been the site of murder, bootlegging, prostitution, and the occult according to WFAA. The owner of the home, won't sleep in it and Katherine Estes, refuses to sleep in the home according to WFAA.

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The owners of the home, who rent it out to those who want to experience a real haunted house, are Katherine and Eddie Estes who bought the house in 2017. They both told WFAA in Dallas that they had been attacked by the ghosts or entities that live inside the home. Visitors have also been reportedly attacked.

“We’ve had scratches, bite marks, burn marks, things carved in people’s faces,” said Katherine.

A lot of it comes from an entity they call "Toby."

One night, inside a room named after Toby, one of their guests took a picture and in the background is what appears to be a demonic figure. Katherine and Eddie believe it’s Toby.

Even the WFAA crew experienced some paranormal things while filming. And they haven't been the only ones. In 2021, the host of the Texas Bucket List reported hearing voices when they stayed. They were able to hear things like "grab their hair" and "get out".

At that point, I'd be running.

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To learn more about the home and to book a stay, visit their website.

According to the Estes', only about 50% of people who want to stay overnight actually make it through the night and the upstairs of the house is where it gets real crazy.

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