As Texas progressively gets warmer and more humid with summer taking over, the bugs are coming out and taking over our yards.

From mosquitos, ticks, fleas, gnats, and more, there are all sorts of bothersome bugs that like to take over your garden. Many of them are also on the hunt for you or your pet’s blood.

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No one wants to spend their summer itching away at pesky bug bites, so we do everything we can to keep them at bay. Sure, you can always lather up with bug spray or light citronella candles, but keeping them away from your yard in the first place helps limit pests all together.

Fortunately, there are a variety of plants that do a great job of keeping bugs at bay, especially bugs like fleas and ticks that are major problems for you and your pets.

The key to keeping these critters away is using plants that have a strong scent the bug can’t stand. Fortunately for us humans, these are typically very pleasant smells to us. They are also aesthetically pleasing, and some are even edible. So, you can grow your own little garden for cooking and keep away pests at the same time.

Keep scrolling for a list of plants you can add to your garden to keep away fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and other bugs.

Plants That Ward off Fleas and Ticks

These plants help keep fleas, ticks, and other bugs out of your garden.

Gallery Credit: Emily Claire

While planning your garden, you should also be mindful of what plants are toxic to your pets. Here is a guide to what is and is not pet safe.

Pet Safe, Toxic, and Poisonous Plants

These are examples of plants that are pet safe, toxic, and poisonous if ingested. It is not a complete list of every safe and non-safe plant.

Gallery Credit: Emily Claire

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