A Historic Galveston, TX Mansion Just Hit The Market And It Could Be Yours.

The story of Michael Shaw is an interesting one and showcases the ingenuity IMMIGRANTS brought to this country.

Shaw, a German immigrant who arrived as a teenager around 1845, opened his first jewelry store on 23rd Street and the Strand in 1855. The name "the Strand" actually originated with Shaw.

Shaw died in 1923, but his jewelry store survived him, remaining open until 1938.

Thomas Schwenk of Coldwell Banker TGRE
Thomas Schwenk of Coldwell Banker TGRE

By the time Shaw built the house in 1900 he was well-established in Texas. The Shaw Company traded widely in the region, and also brought in goods from New York and Paris.

The company, which had several name changes over the years, sold everything from watches and diamonds to silver cutlery.

The home he built is now part of Galveston's East End Historic District.

Thomas Schwenk of Coldwell Banker TGRE
Thomas Schwenk of Coldwell Banker TGRE

The 4,800-square-foot property at 1428 Ball St. features turn-of-the-century details, like pocket doors and wood trim, throughout its roomy first floor and its five-to-six bedrooms and four bathrooms plus it includes an apartment over the detached garage and a total of eight fireplaces.

Not to mention, you won't be too far away from the beach and downtown so there's a plus!

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The listing is by Thomas Schwenk of Coldwell Banker TGRE and its on the market for $1.8 Million. Let's take a look inside.

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