Have You Shopped At This Japanese Discount Store With Locations In Dallas and Austin Yet?

While Family Dollar and Dollar Tree announced that they would be closing over 1000 locations in 2024, there's one "dollar store" retailer that's quietly expanding across the Lone Star State but they are doing it slowly.

Its stores like this that if you blink and look up in a couple of months and years, they will be everywhere.

Daiso Is Known As The Japanese Dollar Store In East Asia.

A quick google search and you'll find that Daiso stores already have a small cult following on social media from bargain hunters.

Known for its affordable Japanese-inspired household goods, Asian snacks, beauty and other products, Daiso already has several locations in Texas including a few in the DFW Metroplex, Houston and Austin with plans to build more Austin locations in the coming months.

Its even being reported that the chain would be opening up a location in San Antonio very soon.

The Store Got Its "Dollar Store" Nickname For Selling Items For About 68 Cents In East Asia.

Just like in the American dollar stores, just about everything in Daiso's stores are going to be in the price range of $1.75 to $15.75.

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The 50 year old company entered the US market in 2005 and they currently operate 122 units in 7 states with more states opening in 2024 and plans to have over 1000 stores in the U.S. by 2030.

So if you start to see some "pink" around your Texas town, just know Daiso is on the way!

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