Think back to last year when we heard the story about a man in Texas who was "bragging" about taking $50K of cartel money without their permission. If you recall, the man disappeared without much of a trace at all. He simply "disappeared".

So, whatever happened to the man who foolishly made off with all that money that belonged to a cartel?

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April 2023; Man Who Bragged About Stealing Cartel Cash Is Missing

Back in April of last year, news stories circulated about a man who was supposedly overheard bragging that he stole $50,000 from Cartel Del Noreste. According to reports, he had been on the phone with an unidentified woman. The supposed conversation was crazy. He allegedly remarked how he wasn't afraid of her, and wasn't in danger, because he was in the US.

Come to find out, that man was very wrong. He was, in fact, in danger and he would soon find out.

According to one report, this man did the unthinkable. Supposedly, he gives his location to the person on the phone that he "wasn't afraid of". It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what comes next. Two hours later he had been kidnapped, and would never be seen again.

Looking anywhere that I can for any recent updates, and I'm finding the same results I found a year ago. There's not much more in the case of Erik Ramirez.

One Year, One Arrest, And Still Not Many Answers

Last year, there was at least one arrest made in the case. The arrest was of the individual who was driving the vehicle used to kidnap Ramirez, according to reports. Unfortunately, that's still where the story pretty much ends.

There are no major updates regarding any of the other individuals who were thought to possibly have been involved. No news reports or updates mention any new arrests. As far as I've been able to determine, Ramirez is still missing.

No new arrest. No Ramirez.

There are still a lot of questions about this story. What would possess a man to make him think that a cartel is going to just swallow a $50,000 loss? What happened to Ramirez after the kidnapping? How many other people were involved? We may never know.

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