Although a warmer winter can be incredibly pleasant considering the alternative, some Texans are worried it could foreshadow an EXTRA brutal summer in 2024.

I've heard so many friends and colleagues wonder this out loud. Even though living in Longview, Tyler, or anywhere in East Texas, always means sometimes shockingly hot and humid summer days, we still hope it will be at least slightly more tolerable.

Quite a few people all over Texas are asking this same question. Meteorologist Kyle Roberts out of WFAA in the Dallas, Texas area shared a post regarding how many of their viewers have been asking him. (Many.)

Roberts posed an interesting first answer to this question in the form of a question. 'Has it REALLY been a very warm winter?'

Apparently--not completely. While it has been above average, it hasn't been as warm as some of us may have thought.

OK, so back to that potentially brutal summer rumor in Texas. Should we start stockpiling ice blocks right now?

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Today I learned that 'the winter does not directly influence the summer.' Summer IS more affected by weather patterns such as La Nina and El Nino.

WFAA's Kyle Roberts said while it could surprise us and be extra super ghost pepper level hot, from what they're seeing right now it doesn't particularly look like it'll be EXTRA brutal. Nope. We just have regular levels of brutality to look forward to. ;)

That being said, the Farmers' Almanac says that overall it's predicted it will be a hotter summer, According to Forbes.

I'll still probably sock up on blocks of ice like I do every summer. They're called popsicles.

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