If you're a fan of fairy tales or fantasy novels, Austin, Texas is the place you need to go to get your fantasy fix on otherworldly architecture, specifically, The Bloomhouse.

Texas has its fair share of unique Airbnb rentals that offer a variety of different styles and this one in Austin is no exception.

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The Bloomhouse

The Bloomhouse began in the 1970s as a project for two friends studying architecture at the University of Texas at Austin. Their goal was to design a house that allowed man to commune with nature, while also providing visitors with visual beauty and protection from the elements.

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Many years later, The Bloomhouse has opened as an Airbnb available for short- and long-term stays outside Austin. This outlandish one-bedroom, one-bathroom house can accommodate up to four guests and comes complete with a full kitchen, WiFi, TV, a washer and dryer, heating and air conditioning, and a spacious patio that overlooks the Texas Hill Country.

Caution When Booking

For all its sloping walls and twisted turrets on the outside, there are a few details to bear in mind when booking The Bloomhouse. Pathways leading to the house and patio from the road are uneven and not wheelchair accessible.

The house is also comprised of multiple floors connected only by narrow staircases. Because of the materials and decorative elements present at The Bllomhouse, this stay is not recommended for children under five years old.

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