Just a couple of miles north of the US/Mexico border is Bisbee, AZ, a quaint old mining town with a bustling arts scene, but the cute mountain town holds some dark secrets.

Bisbee, AZ Downtown
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Founded in 1880 deep within the Mule Mountains, the city became prevalent in the mining industry due to its large quantities of Copper and other minerals. After decades of prosperity, however, the mines began to dry up and the population started to decline.

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Through its extensive history, many met gruesome deaths, and perhaps due to some unfinished business or a need to stay in their home, their spirits remain in Bisbee.


Throughout the city, it's been told one can hear wails of forgotten souls and footsteps echoing down the hallways of its historic buildings.

Copper Queen Bisbee, AZ
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The Copper Queen and Bisbee Grand Hotel are two hotspots for paranormal activity, as well as the city park, which was built on top of the old city cemetery.

Experience the Paranormal

Whether you're a ghost hunter or just a tourist interested in morbid history, there are many places to experience the bizarre and unknown in Bisbee. The Bisbee Séance room, hosted by the illustrious Magic Kenny Bang Bang and the Haunted Bisbee Ghost Tour are the best places to start.

Alley in Bisbee, AZ
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Maybe you want to deviate from the path and search for ghosts on your own, you're in luck! As the sun goes down, spirits are said to walk the streets and alleys of Old Bisbee, spooking passers-by and giving an insight into the world beyond our own.

Even if no ghostly apparitions appear to you on your visit to Bisbee, the city is a hub of culture, boasting a huge local art scene, breweries, and unique architecture, making this small mountain town a must-visit in southern Arizona.

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