It happens every year. The holidays start a little bit sooner. And even though 'pumpkin spice' isn't technically a holiday, it is basically attached to the month of October and Halloween. Well, it's not also attach to the month of July, because it's already available.

Who can we thank for basically ending summer with their pumpkin spice shenanigans in July? Werther's! Yes, the candy that is most likely sitting in a dish at your grandma's house right now has already put Pumpkin Spice flavored candies on store shelves.

Do I hate pumpkin spice? No. I don't necessarily drink it, but I don't have a hatred for it. In fact, I like when it pops up on shelves in stores because it means fall has arrived. I love fall. Football, Halloween, haunted houses, and weather starting to chill. But this is not fall! It's not even August yet! Guess I need to go work on my Halloween costume.

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