As anyone in El Paso can tell you, Spring= blowing dust everywhere. Yes, Springtime in El Paso: the trees are in bloom, the birds are singing and you just saw your garbage bin pass you on the freeway on your way to work. The West Texas winds combined with the desert terrain means the sand and dirt gets blown everywhere. I think Anakin Skywalker summed it up best…

Are you using your dishwasher just to wash kitchen items? Why?? Here’s a list of things that can be washed in most dishwashers without causing damage to the machine or the items:

1.) Tools

Hammers, wrenches, saw-blades…pretty much anything that fits (as long as it doesn’t have electric parts or wood handles.

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2.) Hubcaps

A spin through a hot water cycle will clean these up MUCH better than a car wash is ever going to do.

3.) Removable Cup Holders

Or, as they’re also known, gunk traps. Just pop them out of your car and into the ol’ dishwasher.

4.) Keys

Take a look at your keys. They’re probably WAY nastier than you ever imagined. You don’t want to use something that gross to clean your ears (I know I’m not the only one!). Just remove your car alarm fob first.

5.) Rubber Boots

Also, if you’ve got flip-flops, throw them in. If you’ve got dirty Crocs, just PRAY the dishwasher destroys them.

6.) Baseball Caps

When I was a kid, my mom actually bought a frame specifically designed to wash your ball cap in a dishwasher. I have anticipated that some of you might call B.S. on this so I have included a photo of one on sale on Amazon:


7.)    Corn on the Cob

We grew corn on our farm. If I’d only known this trick for blanching corn before freezing, it would have saved me countless hours. You can fit like 80 ears at a time!

8.)    Window Screens

 As long as they fit, they’re dishwasher-safe.  These are some of the things that get the dirtiest in a dust storm. They’re also one of the hardest things to clean by hand.

9.)    Action Figures

If you’ve already taken them out of the box they’re no longer mint. You might as well keep them clean!

10.)  Toothbrushes

Have you ever heard that thing about how your toothbrush is covered in microscopic poop from flushing the toilet? Well, now you have (sorry!).  A spin in the dishwasher will not only clean them but actually sanitize them, too.

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