Have you figured out what you're getting Mom yet??  If you're totally lost, here's an idea!

Why not skip the usual candy, flowers, pay her bail, etc, etc and just give her a little of your time??

My Moms got a jewelery box full of stuff she can't really wear anymore (the karate school frowns on wearing rings and stuff while kicking ass) and flowers wither up and die in a day or two.

The last couple of years I've tried to just do something she likes to do with her.  Helped her rearrange and replant her garden one year so now, she always has flowers instead of for just a few days.  (And I usually have tomatoes and stuff!!  See, give and ya' get!!)

Another year, I took her out on the bike (she loves to ride!) and we rode around to all her favorite places.  Over Trans Mountain to 28; then 28 in to old Mesilla for lunch at La Posta.  Back in town we went to a couple of her favorite stores. Then, when I saw her go to the register, I paid the bill!  For once I knew I'd gotten her something she really wanted!!  (Without having to do a ton of research, talk to friends, listen for hints, etc...)  :)

A friend of mines Mom used to love to go fishing with his Dad; but that stopped when his dad died.  A few years after that though, he took a day off from work, bought a bunch of fishing gear and surprised the crap out of her with a day at the lake.  Those pictures are still hanging in her living room.  A gift that's been re-gifted over and over ... and it's just as special every time!!

There's lots of cool stuff you can do, but in these insanely busy days; TIME is one of the best gifts ever!  Bring the kids over and spend the day spoiling her.  (And then CLEAN UP!!)  She'll remember that long after the perfumes used up and the candy has been eaten.

If there's something you know she really really needs or wants then ... by all means ... get it!  Just throw in a day at Western Playland, or somewhere special to her!

Give her a memory also!!