White Sands National Monument you've always enjoyed visiting is finally getting recognized. Before the end of the year, White Sands National Monument will become the newest National Park. This kind of news should bring joy to those who have been visiting since they were kids. White Sands not only brought a ton of joy to visitors but also gave you a fun workout. In order to ride down the hill on your sandboard, you had to make that steep climb.

According to Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-New Mexico stated that President Donald Trump signed the legislation. It has been quite a wild ride since they've been trying to make White Sands National Monument a National Park. The mission to make White Sands a National Park has failed so many time since 1898. But thankfully White Sands National Monument will be the newest 62nd National Park in the United States. Can't wait for when that day comes around when White Sands National Monument becomes a National Park officially.

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