When it rains in El Paso it really pours and can take a toll on some drivers. Yesterday is a perfect example of how rain can do some damage to those on the road. The rain lasted for quite a long time and was the cause of the accidents that happened. But it isn't just the weather that is the cause it is also the driver. Some people think they're on a sleigh trying to fly through traffic in bad weather conditions.

Yesterday, there were quite a few accidents that happened all over El Paso. A young man was speeding in the Northeast and hit a large puddle and hydroplaned into a pole. Another accident that occurred yesterday was on 1-10 West at Paisano where a semi-truck jackknifed and shut down a portion of I-10 West. Then another semi-truck jackknifed I-10 East at Missouri which shut down a couple of lanes. This is a reminder to those particular drivers that think they're in a sleigh to stop flying through traffic. When El Paso is experiencing rain or a snowstorm, please remember to drive with caution and leave enough space between you and the car in front of you.

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