We have good weather and great visibility here in El Paso so, riding conditions are pretty good. Still though, being a biker anywhere in Texas is risky business!

Texas is ranked as the second most dangerous state to ride a motorcycle in by Biker Dad. Our northern neighbor, New Mexico, came in at number 7. The list was based on the number of motorcycling deaths per state. However, weather was also acknowledged as a key factor in the numbers:

Colder, more northern states like Alaska and New Hampshire have low fatality rates, while warmer, more southern states like Texas and Mississippi had the highest rates. When you consider motorcycle riders in Alaska can only ride a few months out of the year, compared to Texas where you can ride all year long, that difference in rideable seasons has a huge impact on the number of fatalities." - KTSM

Population figures, I'm sure, also play a big role. Obviously, more people will = more bikers/potential statistics.  To me, the most dangerous factor overall for bikers is still inattentive drivers!!

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