Provocative police officers, flirtatious firefighters, naughty nurses, and more, is this new promotional campaign from Ojos Locos out of touch? A new promotional marketing campaign from a local "breastaurant" is facing a backlash by some in the community saying it's insensitive to those fighting the pandemic.

Ojos Locos is a sports cantina with locations throughout the Southwest, with two locations right here in El Paso.

The restaurant features waitresses in sexy outfits serving cold drinks while you watch sports on all the massive HD tv screens around the restaurant. The sports bar usually has themed weeks, where servers will dress up as different sexy themes like superheroes, lingerie, etc. but their latest theme week is raising questions and some eyebrows.

Since November 16th Ojos Locos has been celebrating "First Responders- Sexy Edition" where servers will be wearing short and skin-tight nurse, cop, firefighter uniforms. The Facebook event page describes the theme as:

"Who needs rescuing from our First Responders Naughty Edition Chicas? We’re out of uniform and dressed in sexy Nurses, Police Officers and Firefighter costumes November 16th-23rd."

People are commenting on the Ojos Locos Facebook page saying the theme is insensitive to all the first responders who are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic in hit-hard El Paso. It's understandable why people would be offended by Ojos Locos doing a sexy edition of first responders, but the restaurant could fix the issue easily.

Give a discount to all first responders who dine-in or order take-out and help the community by doing a blood drive or plasma donation in the parking lot.

Let customers who donate blood or plasma (which is desperately needed in our area) also receive a discount. Then you can still have the sexy first responders week and the restaurant chain would be able to help the community that is still buckling under the weight of so many hospitalized and dying from the pandemic. Read more about this story on the KFOX News website.

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