This movie is a classic that everyone enjoys watching but the question is- do you watch it during October or December? We're halfway through October and plenty of people are binge-watching all their favorite Halloween flicks to celebrate. Whether you love or hate scary flicks, everyone can agree there are some family-friendly movies that are required viewing for the Halloween season. "Hocus Pocus," "Casper," and "Halloweentown," will always put you in the spooky spirit but "Nightmare Before Christmas" always reminds me of Halloween. If you visit Disneyland during the month of October, expect to see plenty of "Nightmare Before Christmas" decorations around the entire park and special limited edition treats and merch that you can buy. But it can become confusing, especially since during the winter, you'll still see lots of "Nightmare Before Christmas" decorations again. The Haunted Mansion and pretty much the entire area around New Orleans Square is decorated with Nightmare Before Christmas holiday flare. This can confuse some fans and makes people wonder- Is "Nightmare Before Christmas" a Halloween or Christmas film?

You can argue both points since both holidays happen during the film. There are also plenty of decorations for both holidays included in the film and lots of references to Christmas and Halloween traditions. Halloween happens pretty quickly in the film and then the rest of the movie revolves around celebrating the Christmas holiday. While the movie's characters are focusing on celebrating Christmas, the majority of the movie happens in Halloweentown. There really is no right or wrong answer to this question, as long as you get to watch "Nightmare Before Christmas" during the holidays. But you can always check out this thread of people arguing about it on Reddit to see arguments for both sides.

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