I have often said that an invaluable skill is the ability to eat food that isn't in 100% pristine condition.
WARNING: I'm NOT encouraging anyone to go eat untreated roadkill. At least, not until you've worked your way up to it. But, think about it: until very recently humans had to be able to eat things that, by today's standards, we might find a little "sketchy". Whether we're talking about mastodon meat that was a tad bit past it's expiration date or raw saber tooth tiger entrails that have been sitting out in the prehistoric sun, picky eaters were less likely to survive. And what's going to happen if our current civilization goes off track? Good luck getting your 12 hundred calories per day if you're only willing to eat things that have been properly refrigerated. That's why I don't mind...nay, SEEK OUT...the opportunity to eat something that may be a tinge off. I'm not disgusting. I'm prepared.

So, Nico left some boneless buffalo wings in his car overnight. He wanted to know if it was safe to eat. Naturally, I said "let's find out". The video attempts to answer the question "is it OK to eat boneless buffalo wings that have been left in a car in the middle of summer for about 18 hours."

Spoiler alert: I'm typing this blog from a location that is not a hospital.

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