Ever notice the shade of red on the Franklin Mountains facing the Westside? I remember the story I was told was that it represents a T-Bird. Then there are some who say that is not that case. But if you really look closely at it, it does resemble a bird due to the shape. It can also just happen to be a coincidence the colored area forms the logo bird you’ve seen on clothing items at Hollister. What would be your take on that part of the mountain? Would you think Coronado High School can be able to claim the so-called bird on the Franklin Mountains as some have all these years? Since after all, they do call it Thunderbird Mountain. If you feel differently about that then you would vote for Coronado to take a hike if you don’t agree. The mysterious natural anomaly has been talked about for many years and debated. Of course, I agree it represents Coronado High School since that is the story I was told growing up.

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