Is it just me, or are more and more people going shoeless at work? They're kicking around the offices in socks, or even weirder, totally barefoot. It's not always a completely horrible thing, like at home or something, but at work? Do you know where these floors have been? What's been done on them?

Me either, and THAT's why I don't walk around barefoot here. Just the things I know have happened here keeps thoughts of bare flesh touching things far from my mind.

I'm not even so concerned with the whole flip-flops thing. This isn't the most professional place to work (in case you haven't noticed), and I guess that's why it kind of grosses me out to think about people walking around here shoeless. Seriously, come look at our carpets.

The other thing that bothers me is seeing the people that are cooking or serving food wearing flips flops or similar open footwear. Why, you ask? Take a few moments and just watch people for a little bit, and take note of how often people who aren't wearing shoes touch their feet. Seriously, you'll be surprised at how much foot-touching there really is.

How do you feel about bare feet around your workplace?