It's Thanksgiving, where turkey is (usually) the star of the show, but if you're like me- it's all about those sides!

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Thanksgiving is the only time where stuffing (or dressing, whichever you prefer) makes sense. Stuffing is my favorite Thanksgiving side. Sure you can have mashed potatoes any old time, but at Thanksgiving they're elevated when combined with the stuffing!

Sure, there are a lot of people who don't make "traditional" Thanksgiving foods, some also opt out of the holiday, which is all cool; but recently I've noticed a food that a lot of people seem to love to add that I NEVER would have thought to add to the menu: deviled eggs!

Rosalie Barley via Unsplash
Rosalie Barley via Unsplash
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I never realized that people make deviled eggs for Thanksgiving! I only noticed it more prominently this year because there are so many memes about them! Some of my favorite include this one of Chris Farley:

This one that, apparently, represents many of my friends who shared it!

And this one, where it's portrayed that the deviled eggs will put you to sleep faster than the tryptophan in the turkey!

And, most importantly, this Leonardo DiCaprio meme:

Is everyone but me making deviled eggs for Thanksgiving?

Silly me, I limited deviled eggs to Easter! I do love deviled eggs, but never thought to make them or Thanksgiving; it would add another food we have to make, but now that I'm seeing everyone share the photos of their food and seeing deviled eggs, I think this is the year I add them to my menu! Thanks for the idea, internet!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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