An Alabama prison has launched an investigation after a group of prisoners attempted the viral "mannequin challenge." The Problem? They weren't supposed to have...


The Alabama Department of Corrections have launched an investigation after a group of about 40 inmates were able to record their "mannequin challenge" and put it on the internet. Inmates are not allowed to have cellphones inside the jail.

The minute long clip was posted to Facebook on November 13 and has since gone viral. The video got over 400,000 views and thousands of shares. Under the video, the poster wrote,

“Free us… prison reform… free my family!” and the hashtags “#ALLlivesMATTER, #GodLovesAll, #ChaingangChallange.”

The video shows the prisoners in various moments of everyday life behind bars. You can see some men working out, praying, reading, hanging out and even a brawl. Although some prisoners might get into trouble for making this video, this is one of the better mannequin challenges that I've seen.