Last year we saw the New York rock band Interpol come to El Paso for the very first time in their 25 + year career, back in September. Sadly I didn't go because the show fell on the same date as Iron Maiden.

But after seeing footage of their show at the Plaza Theater, it looked like a good show. And certainly the fans were excited to see the New Yorkers live in El Paso.

So far it has been the only time the band has come to our neck of the woods, no shows in Las Cruces or even Juarez... yet.

I say yet because Interpol has announced that they WILL be coming to Juarez in 2023, the 2nd time they've come to the Borderland in two years.

Getty Images
Getty Images

It has been announced that they will be headlining the Tecate Supremo festival in Cuidad Juarez, on May 20th. The show is set to be held at the Parque de Chamizal in Juarez. Other names include Danny Ocean, Poolside, Jose Madero & more.

It's very pleasing to know that for years they never came to El Paso, or indeed AROUND El Paso, until recently. This WILL be their first time to Juarez & if the show is anything like how it was last year, and that's it all part of a festival, it sounds like it'll be a big event.

If you're like me, and didn't go last, & you're able TO go to the show, you've got another chance to see the rock band Interpol & enjoy yourself in 2023.

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